To Be or not To Be Gifted

How could one know whether is gifted for painting or not?

If you are reading these lines because you are looking forward seeing art, you surely are gifted. This is not a condition, of course. Most people did not find my web page and, among them, there are lots of gifted ones. It is true that you are here by change, but just this proves your interest for arts and, according to my theory, one's gift is proportional with his interest.

If someone is permanently drawn to something, then he is gifted. Maybe he is not enough educated or does not have the necessary know-how. Possibly, but he can obtain them by work. Do not mix up skill with gift.

How to judge a painting?

If you are educated even a little, your good taste is enough. Can you recognise from a glance a Van Gogh or Rembrandt's painting? Can you distinguish among the most known styles like impressionism, cubism, neo-realism, etc.? If the answer is yes, be master of your opinion. Somebody else is free to have another one but nobody is entitled to impose his opinion, except the snobs.