The Goodness

Apparently, most people want money. As they never have enough, they spend almost entirely their life trying to earn more and more money. In this purpose, they often fight against each other with all means, more or less admissible. The goodness is forgotten. Becoming old-edged persons, they come to the conclusion that money is not too important. Why?

Actually, they have had in view not money but certain concrete objectives. They used to want money for buying something: objects, services, power, etc. The objectives are not the same as a young person, who might want a motorbike, later on a car, another car, a house, a larger house, and so on.

As he frequently changes his criterion, as an old person, he wonders what was the utility of his efforts to reach those objectives, because his actual ones are much different. After a life of fight, sprinkled with lots of enemies, triumphant or defeated, he comes to the conclusion that goodness deserves a greater appreciation. Sometimes it is too much later.

To understand this truth sooner is possible by means of education. Certain religions do it but their arguments are not always convincing because people change their outlook faster than their faith. That's why, justifying goodness is an everlasting topic.