Christianity and Outlook

We must first notice that all pre-Christianity religions, including the present oriental ones, have in view a static, unchanging Universe. According with such doctrines, individuals are some accidental configurations from the same eternal matrix, into which they are to return after a while. The fate plays the essential role in their life. People have nothing to do except their own individual preparation for returning as soon as possible into that universal matrix. There is nothing between individuals and the Universe.

In the Christian doctrine, there is a beginning - God has created the world - and an end is to come, because any beginning must have an end. The destiny of every person is in his own hands. He is not longer dependent on the fate. The world, at least our world, is changeable. Besides, we are not alone. All the people are God's creatures. He equally loves them, and asks us to love each other as well. People are not longer indifferently face to the others. Fate plays a smaller role.

That's why Christianity moulded another sort of people. Atheists or Christians, we all are the result of this doctrine as part of our culture and civilisation, both concerning our good deeds and our evil ones as well. Christianity has made us active and enterprising people, sometimes too enterprising.